SATURDAY saw Troon Ladies 1s welcomed Glasgow University Ladies 3s to Troon for a hard-fought game.

The hosts had a full squad and a point to prove. From passback both teams delivered a fast and focused match – play flowed from end to end as both defences were tried with structured breakaways that tested their strength and spirit. The advantage fell to Troon when in 14 minutes, a strong five-man break up the pitch saw Rosie Tudor find the back of the net with a well-placed shot.

Glasgow University were undaunted, pushing back fiercely, and within three minutes finding success from open play to level the score. The pace of play remained relentless, the two teams very much aware that all was still to play for, the Ladies 1s seeking again to pull ahead, hungry for a win that they have been denied in past weeks. Their efforts were finally rewarded a few minutes later when Tilly Press skilfully placed a lifted shot past the Glasgow keeper, giving Troon an important morale boost as they came into half time ahead of Glasgow Uni, albeit barely.

Coming into the second half with a single point lead Troon resisted the temptation to play a defensive game, maintaining the fast, yet punishing pace, hungry for another much-needed goal to secure their lead. Glasgow, however, resisted in turn and tried just as desperately to pull back level – both sides failed to break the other down, with this thrilling game ending with a much-deserved 2-1 win for Troon Ladies 1s.

Ladies 2s took to the pitch against Glasgow University 4s immediately after the Ladies 1s game as the weather turned with cold, driving rain chilling all.

Both sides suffered from the weather and the intensity of the game, with the pace and conditions becoming more challenging the longer the game went on. Troon fought hard, and were able to secure some opportunities in the d in the form of short corners, but were unable to push past the Glasgow defense and secure the goal they needed. Glasgow repeatedly challenged Troon, who did their best to turn away each attack but, tired from the demanding pace, eventually were unable to hold them off leaving Ladies 2s 1-0 down at half-time.

With the team tiring, communication and passing began to break down, and the endurance of Glasgow’s team became obvious. Glasgow’s use of the width of the pitch, coupled with their well-structured pressure on the Troon defence left the team struggling to cope, leading to Glasgow’s second goal. Troon held off further Glasgow pressure, ending the game with a 2-0 loss. Ladies 2s strength of spirit allowed them to keep fighting against great pressure, but the team need to build upon their offensive capabilities if they are to continue to challenge in this division.

After their success against Glasgow, Ladies 1s returned to the field on Sunday. Tired, and down several players due to injuries, Troon faced an uphill struggle with the knowledge that they faced Dumfries Ladies 1s – who had bettered them in their inaugural game of the season. From the offset, despite their disadvantage, Troon again took up the brutal pace they had employed twenty four hours earlier, and were matched tooth and nail by Dumfries in a brutal and punishing game. Dumfries, however, were the first to find the back of the net, securing a lead towards the end of the first quarter. Troon continued to struggle against the onslaught, and secured their own opportunities in the D but were unable to secure any firm outcomes, much to their frustration. Dumfries, emboldened, continued to push against Troon, despite the pressure they received in return, and were rewarded for holding their nerve by a successfully converted short corner. This left Troon 2-0 down at half time, but they came back fighting in the second half. A penalty flick was Troon’s saving grace, with Tilly Press putting Troon back in the chase. Despite continued and strong pressure on Dumfries’s goal, with shots missing their mark by millimetres, Troon were unable to find the all-important equaliser. The nail biting finish saw Troon unable to convert a series of last minute short corners against an at times desperate Dumfries defense, securing victory for Dumfries with a 2-1 score.